Secure your mails and documents

Microsoft 365 already provides you with a good solution to use the latest Office software wherever you go. However, the Microsoft 365 cloud does not include an integrated backup service for all your mails and documents. In a worst case scenario, it is possible that a critical outage in the Microsoft cloud could cause your mails and documents to be lost forever. Or you could by mistake delete an e-mail or document. Without a good backup, the data is lost forever.

It is therefore important to implement a secure backup solution for your Microsoft 365 data. We offer a Backup As A Service (BAAS) solution that takes care of the whole backup process. As a accredited Veeam Cloud & Service provider we guarantee a quality backup solution for your most important documents.

Veeam Cloud & Service Provider

Using the Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 software, we will do a daily backup of all your Microsoft 365 cloud data. You can check the status of the backup at any given time and request a restore whenever it is needed.

You are in control of your data and will be able to restore lost data when needed.

Veeam Backup for Office 365
  Microsoft 365 Backup
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Per user € 40,40
All prices excl. 21% VAT and per year