A domain name is the address of your website. It usually refers to the name or activity of your business. As long as it contains more than two characters, you can have any combination of letters from a to z, and numbers from 0 to 9 and the hyphen '-'. A valid domain name never begins and ends with a hyphen. The third and fourth position are also forbidden territory. A domain name is made up of various different parts. Take, for instance, www.abcweb.be. This address belongs to the .be family. be is the first level, or the Top Level Domain. abcweb is the second level, in this case the company name.
A subdomain name is what replaces the standard 'www'. For example, 'news', as in news.abcweb.be. Ideal for creating a direct link to a section of your website!
Every website is hosted on a server, linked to the internet. And every server has an IP address on the internet just like every house has an address in a street. When information travels from your site to a visitor, information is send from 1 addresss to another. On the internet, these adresses are called IP numbers, for example: This is difficult to remember. So we replace the IP with an easy domain name.
If you have a website hosted on free hosting space, such as the hosting space of your internet provider (Telenet, Skynet), then you can link your domain name to it using URL forwarding. This service is free. But your website will look professional.

However, free hosting is synonymous with fewer options and less support. In addition, URL forwarding is not good for search engines. So if you want a professional website, then your best option is to go for a professional hosting service, like our Webhosting services.
E-mail forwarding means never losing an e-mail again. This free service sends any e-mails that are connected to your domain name through to your trusty old e-mail address. A spam and virus filter ensure safe transfer. If your e-mail address is temporarily unavailable, then the back-up mail server keeps your mail safe until it works again.
Every website needs space on the internet. You lease this space via web hosting from your hosting provider. Your website is hosted on their servers. They provide you with the necessary software, airco and fire installations, fibre-glass connections to various nodes, physical security, etc.

Another important element for webhosting is the uptime guarantee a host offers. This guarantee ensures that the hosting provider will take all necessary actions to have your site online as much as possible. ABC Web BV offers a extermely high uptime guarantee of 99,97% a month. This means that if your site is more then 13 minutes unavailable in 1 month, a financial restitution will take place. Please take a look at the conditions in our SLA agreement.