ABC Web BV has created a robust and reliable environment for all shared services. These services, such as webhosting, are delivered from a modern cloud platform. This means that all the computing power and memory is distributed over several machines. If one of these machines gives an error, the others will take over the faulty machines services. Your website won't notice a thing.

An additional advantage is that the speed of our services have improved significantly. Your site loads faster compared to conventional webhosting solutions. This speed translates into a better reputation among your visitors, since many studies have shown that the speed of a website is the first factor a potential customer notices.

And with ABC Web BV, this explanation is not without consequence. We offer for all webhosting services unprecedented uptime guarantee of up to 99.97% per month! This means that if your webhosting account is more than 13 minutes in 1 month unavailable, you will receive financial compensation. The conditions for this high guarantee can be found in our Service Level Agreement.